Finally have the answers to ALL of your questions in ONE place with Organized Jewish Life, your complete checklist


Even though I’ve been married for over 18 years, i make tons of mistakes when it comes to preparing for holidays and life events. I wish I had this book when I first got married to set me on the right track! Is not only practical, there are incredibly thoughtful details and stories that touch my heart and the core of the Jewish home. Rebekah has thought of ask those things you wish you knew so you can approach each moment with attention and sensitivity. Highly recommended for those just starting out and anyone well on their way!

Chana Mason

Author of Hold That Thought

Organized Jewish Life outlines all the particulars, and goes into the small details which make such a difference both in creating the simcha or chag you dream of, but also in getting through the preparations calmly. Rebekah gives tools to help at any lifecycle moment throughout the year. I love that she often includes unspoken topics (like mikvah) in ways that are practical, respectful and so necessary!

Naomi Marmon Grumet

Founder/Director of The Eden Center

Rebekah Saltzman’s book is a work of art. The way she integrates the physical and spiritual, and the technical and experiential into a book that puts everything in order – it’s magnificent! I highly recommend this book.

Rebbetzin Bat-Chen Grossman

The Jewish year of celebrations can sometimes be overwhelming, Saltzman creates a smooth path for us all. Can you be organized and inspired at the same time? This fantastic book answers, “Yes!”

Lori Palatnik

Author, International speaker, and Founding Director of Momentum

New experiences, whether distressing or joyous, can throw us off balance. We may want to reach out for help and find that we don’t even know what to ask. Some subjects seem taboo, others are just uncomfortable and so we struggle alone. In Organized Jewish Life, Rebekah Chaifetz Saltzman provides a village of information with tips, checklists, and more. It’s like finding an older sister, confidante, and guide on your very own bookshelf.

Rebbetzin Sima Becker

As someone who is not naturally organized, this book is seriously helpful. Whether it’s a Jewish life cycle event, a holiday, or something life hits you with that you’re not exactly ready for, Rebekah has you covered. It’s a great reference book to keep on your shelf and use to help you organize and -deal with- life!

Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll

CoFounder, Chochmat Nashim

Although it may not always feel like it, physical preparation for mitzvot is spiritual! Author Rebekah Saltzman of “Organized Jewish Life: The Essential Guide For Planning Jewish Holidays, Events, and Every Day,” helps us to easily navigate Jewish holidays and lifecycle events with user-friendly halacha (Jewish law) explanations, customs, checklists, and more!



Jenna Maio

Author of Princess without a Crown

I was highly impressed with Rebekah Saltzman’s book, Organized Jewish Life. It’s exactly what the sub-title promises: The essential guide for planning Jewish holidays, events, and every day. However, this book really contains even more than that. Rebeka created sections on everything you can think of, literally, but then so much more. There’s even a section on how to get your paperwork in order, how to set up yourself for taxes and rent fees, and even a full checklist on what to look for in health and car insurance! She has a full chapter on “adulting”, and many more great ideas. I found this book to be quite comprehensive. Thank you Rebekah!

Tamar Ansh

Author of A Taste of Challah and Let's Get Bentching!

As Jewish women, we can easily bounce between project manager, event planner, educational expert, and personal organizer within the course of a day–and that’s not even counting our actual jobs! Organized Jewish Life is like having a smart, worldly big sister on your bookshelf to consult whenever you need it. Making Pesach? Setting up your kitchen? Packing a bag for the hospital? It’s all in there, making managing all these roles that much easier.

Kayla Levin

Life & Marriage Coach for Jewish Women



After the death of her mother in 2020, personal organizer Rebekah Chaifetz Saltzman wished her family had had a checklist to help them navigate the shiva period. Once she sat down to write the list, she realized there were many checklists she wished she’d had on hand, both to streamline her own life and to help her clients.

That’s how Organized Jewish Life: The Essential Guide to Planning Jewish Holidays Events and Every Day was born.

This book offers practical advice and solutions on how to prepare for all Jewish lifecycle events, Jewish holidays and setting up your Jewish home. Since you don’t always know what you don’t know, Organized Jewish Life will help you not only get organized, but also to utilize your time better, become more informed and ask clearer questions when navigating challenging situations.


Our faith gives us so much, and it also demands so much. It’s easy for Jewish life to feel like a burden, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Planning Shabbat, preparing for the Jewish holidays, from Rosh HaShanna, to Pesach and everything in between and SHOULD be easy. But there’s no one resource that makes it easy.

At least, there wasn’t until Organized Jewish Life.

An organized Jewish life doesn’t happen on its own. It’s a lot of work, but it’s not work that YOU have to do. I’ve done the planning, the research of traditions. This is your essential guide to Jewish life complete with checklists to all situations specific to Jewish life, and not just the technical steps. As a professional organizer, I put everything in order for you from start to finish.

No one can remember everything, Organized Jewish Life, includes checklists for every Jewish Holiday, every Jewish life cycle event, and all the things that happen in day to day life. From birth to death, and every Shabbat in between, there are checklists, tips, tricks, laws, customs, , prayers and steps to get you through every single week, holiday, celebration, and sorrow.

Every Jewish home should have a copy of Organized Jewish Life, it’s the essential guide and companion for living a Jewish Life! Order your copy today or give the book and planer as a gift. It’s great for anyone just starting out, a new bride, college graduate, people exploring their Jewish roots or for someone just starting out with Judaism.


Getting ready for the holidays doesn’t have to cause you stress. This workbook is designed to be your cheat sheet and navigate your Jewish life. Designed to help you plan, prep, and schedule but also to get you to the table relaxed and calm so you can enjoy your holiday meals with your family and friends.


Rebekah is a personal organization expert and a sustainable lifestyle leader in the Jewish community. Decluttering, reducing waste and a simplified Jewish life are all married in her premiere book Organized Jewish Life: The Essential Guide to Planning Jewish Holidays, Events and Every Day.

A busy mother of three and entrepreneur, Rebekah knows the struggles of keeping it all together. Pair that with the revolving Jewish calendar, managing all the customs, and everyday life and it’s easy to drown.

Using her expertise as a personal organizer, Rebekah has tackled the seemingly impossible task: making Jewish customs, traditions and holidays simple with the ultimate checklist for Jewish life. It will start making lives easier in 2022.

Every week, Rebekah helps people all over the world from all different denominations, declutter their lives in popular virtual decluttering sessions, Power Hours. She is thrilled for her book to impact lives in a new way and help people find happiness and peace beneath all of the clutter.

Follow on Instagram at @BalaganBeGone or on her podcast Journey To Organization.


Organized Jewish Life is a great gift, and perfect for someone living on their own for the first time, couples about to get married, and those new to Judaism. It is also for the family who is reaching new milestones and wants to make those happy occasions less stressful, and stressful situations easier to manage.


Buy Organized Jewish Life for that friend (ahem!) who always seems to be unsure of what to do and how to get their life organized! The checklists, tips, and charts will help them to know what they need to do and when they need to do it!


Help your friends get organized and gift them a copy of Organized Jewish Life!

Perfect gift for the graduate, a newly engaged couple, someone new to Judaism, a new mom, or even the seasoned homemaker, Organized Jewish Life has great tips for all stages of life.


Perfect for the recent graduate. Organized Jewish Life will give great tips and tricks on figuring out what supplies they need, how to set up their new home, how to live with roommates, and how to manage on their own.


New moms and experienced moms alike can benefit from Organized Jewish Life. With advice on managing in your pregnancy, (including pregnancy loss) and how to manage special occasions around birth and throughout the Jewish Lifecycle Organized Jewish Life will help you navigate with grace and ease.


The checklists in Organized Jewish Life are the perfect way to help you get ready, in a practical way, for Shabbat, Jewish Holidays, Jewish Lifecycle events, and staying organized in day to day life. It is great regardless of if you are new to Judiasim or a seasoned homemaker.



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